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Roses can offer a coast full of contrasts, with cliffs and secluded coves with clear, bright blue waters, fine sand, and shallow waters ideal for families and for water sports


Cala JÚncols
This is an unspoiled cove with a wild landscape backdrop, running for a length of some 190 meters and located 12 kilometers from the Roses town centre. Access is by a coast road running along the entire coastline, passing by the Norfeu Cape and ending at the JÚncols cove. This is a beach formed by pebbles, also to be found on the steeply shelving seabed. This is an ideal spot for diving (with a specialized centre). More information

This is a wild, secluded beach, formed of pebbles and situated between the JÚncols and the Pelosa coves. It is only 60 meters long. It is approximately 10 kilometers from Roses and has no services other than the essential cleaning and coastal surveillance services.  ● More information

La Pelosa
This is one of the most popular coves in Roses. It lies in the shelter of Norfeu Cape peninsula, 9 kilometers from Roses, and runs for some 90 meters. Here you will find a fishermanís hut (a former sailorsí refuge) and a small bar-restaurant where visitors can sample all the specialties offered by the Mediterranean sea. The cove has coarse grain sand and the steep seabed shelves. It is 8 kilometers from Roses, with access along the same road as the one that goes to the JÚncols and Montjoi coves. More information

This is a little cove with a 110-meter beach surrounded by cliffs and with transparent waters. It is located a few 8 kilometers from Roses, between the Pelosa and the Montjoi coves. Access is via the same road running along the coast and going on to beyond the Norfeu Cape. It is a cove with medium-grain, grey sand. The beach shelves rapidly into deep waters. More information

Located between the Montjoi cove and the Rostella cove, this is a short (50-metre) beach with medium grain sand. Some consider it to be a small prolongation of the Montjoi cove, for all that separates them are some rocks that jut out of the sea.  ● More information

It is located seven kilometers from Roses, between the Calitjŗs and CalŪs coves. It is a broad, much-visited cove, running 270 meters in length, ideal for underwater diving (with a specialized centre). It has coarse sand and pebbles, and the seabed shelves are quite steep. There is a holiday village here and the famous El Bulli restaurant, considered one of the most select in the world and awarded three stars in the Michelin guide. More information

These virgin coves are quite small (100 meters) and are of difficult access. Very lonely, they are surrounded by cliffs, so the best way to access them is by boat. This difficulty to access them turns them into a absolute paradise. More information

These coves are highly secluded, unspoiled and with a cliffy backdrop. The easiest way to get to them is thus by boat, which turns them into a little paradise less than seven kilometers from the town. In order to extend the municipalityís tourist provision and cater for all kinds of tourists, nudism is permitted in the Murtra cove only.  More information


A beach 450 meters long, with fine sand and turquoise blue water. It is five kilometers from Roses, along the road that runs from the lighthouse to the Falconera point. It is sheltered from the North wind, which makes it very popular with swimmers. Apart from the year 1993, ever since 1992 it has been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Union for the quality of its waters and services. More information

Canyelles Petites
It is located three kilometers from the town centre, in the Canyelles residential estate, along the road which runs from Roses to the Falconera point. This is a beach 370 meters long, with fine golden sand, transparent water and a sandy bottom, fully sheltered from the North wind. Year after year since 1995 it has proudly received the European Unionís Blue Flag award. More information

The Bonifaci Beach
This is a small cove between LíAlmadrava and Canyelles. It is only 100 meters long, but it has all the charm of a sheltered cove with its clean and crystal clear waters.  More information

The  Palangres Beach
One kilometer from the Roses town centre, just beneath the road to the lighthouse. It is a small 140-metre beach with fine grain sand and a sandy and rocky seabed. It has always enjoyed considerable popularity amongst the Roses inhabitants, for behind the beach there is a small picnic zone under the shade of the tamarisk trees with stone benches and tables as well as a fountain.  More information

La Punta Beach
The Punta beach is right downtown Roses. It is a 550-meter beach with very fine sand and shallow and transparent water, ideal for families. It runs from the fishing port to the mouth of the Ginjolers stream. Year after year since 1996 it has been awarded the European Unionís Blue Flag. More information

 Roses Beach
The Rosesí main beach is divided into three sectors: the Nova beach, the Rastrell beach and the Salatar beach, each one separated from the next by a stream. It has a total length of 1,790 meters and runs from the mouth of the Ginjolers stream to the Santa Margarida beach. It is a very broad and much-used beach, with fine sand and shallow waters, ideal for families and for engaging in water sports. Ever since 1994 it has been awarded the European Unionís Blue Flag for the quality of its waters, sand and the services available to visitors.   More information

 Santa Margarita Beach
It runs from the Salatar beach up to the end of the Santa Margarida residential marina. It is a long (some 650 meters) and broad beach with fine golden sand and clean and shallow waters. It is a beach used by a good number of foreigners, many of whom have second homes in the area. The Santa Margarida residential estate is a first-rate tourist centre, made up of a marina with over 16 kilometers of navigable canals and a peerless range of accommodation (hotels, campgrounds and apartments), together with a varied choice of cuisines, shops, leisure activities and an intense night life. This runs from the Salatar beach up to the outlet of Santa Margarida residential marina. More information

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