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This emblematic development represents the culmination of the modernization of the seafront of Roses and more, as it keeps Roses at the forefront of the touristic choice of the Costa Brava.

The new marina of Roses provides services to approximately 485 boats, with roughly 374 fixed moorings and the rest for moorings for transient boats.

The marina’s perfect integration into the urban area, its modern services and installations along with the traditional tourist attractions available in Roses will turn any stay in PORT ROSES into a real pleasure for water sport lovers from all over.

The municipal company PORT DE ROSES, SA manages the building and commercialization of this development, putting the emphasis on carrying out the approved environment-friendly program which will in turn guarantee quality services for the future users.

The marina of Roses is located on the northern part of the fishing harbor, with the port entrance facing south. It is completely integrated into the urban area of the town.

The port entrance is nearly 70 meters wide and is 9 meters deep. The minimum depth inside the marina itself is 3.5 meters.

PORT ROSES offers approximately 700 moorings, from 6 meters up to 45 meters in length.

The Bay of Roses is a privileged area for the practice of water sports and particularly for sailing. Among the various marine services provided by PORT ROSES, you will also find the Roses Sailing Club.

This complex is managed by the GEN (Grup d’Esports Nāutics)(Marine Sports Group) which has concentrated its activity over the last 25 years on developing and promoting sailing and other water sports, providing training and qualified personnel.

The marina perfect location within the urban area will make it easy to enjoy the town's other services, such as: restaurants, shops, as well as other services dedicated to the nautical sector: maintenance and repairs, travel lift (in the fishing port)...

Services offered to boats:

-Crane 12 T
-Waiting dock
-Ramp for light weight craft
-Fuel station 24h. Ice
-Dry dock
-Security service

General services for the users

-Captain of the Port Roses

-Management and administration of the port
-Tourist information and weather information
-Telephone, fax, internet, radio
-Sailing school and water sports
-First Aid
-Toilets and showers
-Car Park

Services for the moorings
-Water supply
-Electricity supply
-Optic Fiber

Environmental services
-Collection of oils and fuel residues
-Collection of selected residues
-Collection of water waste
-Bilge pumps

Information and sales
Av. de Rhode, s/n - Edifici de Direcciķ Port Esportiu| 17480 Roses |
Phone: +34 972 154 412 | Fax: 972 153 768  
www.portroses.com | info@portroses.com

Roses Booking Center Tirso de Molina nē1 17480 Roses Tel.+34 972 980 980 info@roses.net

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